I took a breath workshop with Lainy. Even though it was over zoom, she managed to make the experience very intimate and personal. Her guidance was clear and the program she created was very affirming for each of us on our journey. I came away from the program feeling both relaxed and inspired. I was able to have a big shift in my thought process around a particular obstacle in my personal life. I highly recommend her workshops and am looking forward to the next one.
Dr. Carolyn Clark, Physician.

Lainy has been teaching Qigong as part of our Modern OT Occupational Therapy Services pain program for the last 6 years sharing her knowledge and mastery of Qigong with a population of clients that can use it in so many ways to help themselves. Her ability to weave together the foundations of Qigong (use of breath, mind and movement) with chronic pain management strategies is amazing. Her knowledge of the human body, nervous system and how Qigong can positively impact someone's pain experience and function helps even the most skeptical clients to keep an open mind and give it a try. Lainy delivers one of the most powerful mindfulness meditations for pain that I've ever heard! Although I've participated in her sessions many times over the years, I am always inspired and leave the session feeling relaxed and calm. Her contribution to the program is fantastic and I look forward to many more sessions in the years to come!
Christine Andrus, Occupational Therapist.

Lainy has been my teacher for over five years. A growing body of evidence points to the value of this beautiful ancient practice. I cannot say enough about how much her classes help me find a calm centre from which to operate in my personal and professional life. In my work as a psychologist, I need to have a good strong foundation in order to be fully present with my clients and leave work feeling calm and clear for my own quality of life. Lainy is a master of her craft and is gifted in her ability to create the context for deep learning and well-being.
Dr. Marna Zinatelli, Psychologist.

I have been playing Qigong with you for more than two years now. Your classes are always wonderful and what I am learning from you in addition to Qigong is inner strength. You have shown me that in challenging moments inner peace can make us strong and resilient. Your wisdom has helped me through difficult moments of anxiety and depression. Qigong with you is meditation in motion; the gentle movements flow like water filling me up with peace and harmony. Thank you for your powerful teaching!
E. Mate.

I want to share with you how much I appreciate the Qigong sessions I have had with you so far. It creates in me a feeling of peace and clarity of mind. I want to express my thanks and gratitude.
G. Thibodeau

Thank you very much for your wonderful Qigong lesson today. I feel refreshed and even reborn somehow. Breathing deeply, meditation, feeling chi around and inside of my body, balancing (and taking care of) my own spirit, mind, heart, body and becoming aware about chi mean so much to me. Looking forward to seeing you next week. I appreciate your chi and calm positive energy so much.
K. Kato.

Thank you so much for the second series of classes in Qi Gong. I've experienced a big difference between the time preceding the class and the time after the class tonight. Your instructions/directions helped me go to a deeper level of calmness yet higher level of energy. I've also appreciated your sensitivity, patience and gentleness... they elevate my learning experience into a blessing.
Charles G.

Thank you for opening up your passion and sharing your skills with us, Lainy! It was obvious that the participants got a lot out of the session and I look forward to attending another session of yours soon.
Matthew C.

I really liked the tone and the pace that you set, as well as the careful explanations and visualizations that you provided. The background information on Qigong was very interesting, and I liked the group energy as well. I've really enjoyed learning Qigong from you. You are a great Qigong teacher!
Carole F.

Wonderful and very useful three hours spent with you Lainy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Olgica Z.

Because of my current physical situation, the biggest gain for me is hope. I believe that as I continue to practice this beautiful art called Radiant Lotus Qigong, as taught by you, Lainy, I will see improvement not only physically but mentally also! After participating in your workshop, success actually feels attainable! Leny, I feel your teaching style is very giving and considerate. You impart your knowledge and gift with clarity and consideration of the people who are present.

I totally enjoyed the Lotus Rises sequence. It was interesting in that I found it made me feel 'beautiful'. I felt very calm and balanced for the rest of the day. Thanks Lainy.
Heather P.

This was an excellent workshop - I am so happy to have done it and now I feel that I have an easy daily routine that I can follow to improve my health and feel a sense of calm and peacefulness. This workshop was great as it has really helped to motivate me and feel empowered in my process of healing from a chronic illness. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks Lainy.
Vanessa M.

I enjoyed your workshop so much, Lainy! You have a wonderful way of transferring the knowledge of Qigong and the energy to students. Looking forward to learning more from you!
Marta S.

From the workshop I gained a sense of awareness, relaxation, gratitude for everything, compassion, getting away from bad feelings, general well-being through the connection between body and mind.
Bianca B.